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Toronto Archives
The Toronto Archives at 255 Spadina Road (University subway to Spadina) Just south of Casa Loma

COST: $35.00

10:30 am
The tour begins (Maximum number of women is 30)

There is parking for 20 cars (please register your car), but if the lot is full there is a parking lot on McPherson (to the south-west).
After the tour, we will have a 10 minute walk to Aviv Restaurant (or drive and park in their lot) 328 Dupont Street. There are three steps to enter the restaurant and the washrooms are on the same floor.
There will be a set menu for a main and a cheesecake dessert with coffee or tea. They are offering a half price bottle of wine for those who wish.

You have a choice of:
1. Aviv Burger with salad or fries (Beef patty, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles)
2. Flatbread topped with A) chicken breast with Hummus, tzatziki or B) ground lamb & beef kefta with hummus, shakshuka, tzatziki with salad or fries
3. Quinoa and Kale Salad (with almonds, figs, sugar peas)

Ticket Reservations: Please pay at the meetings (February, March, or April) or send your cheque to Women's Canadian Club of Toronto Representative:
Janice Jones.
88 Balsam Avenue, Toronto, Ontario. M4E-3B7. (Please indicate your choice of meal). If unavailable contact Audrey Evans 905-606-2202.
To ensure reservations, cheques must be received within two weeks of booking made payable to The Women's Canadian Club of Toronto (no postdated cheques)

NOTE: All taxes and gratuities are included in your payment. No refunds in whole or in part. If you are unable to go on a tour or attend a special event please notify the WCCTO representative as soon as possible. The Women's Canadian Club of Toronto and our tour carriers are not responsible for personal injury on tours.